June 13, 2008

all about money

hmm, money! some said, money is not everything. but some said, everything now need money. Don't you agreed, do u? Nowadays, all relates to money. Even go to ladies also need money., isn't it? Petrol issues have not stop yet, rumous spreaded also saying that there will be petrol increasing next few months. Is it true?

Us, also having a problem with financial. Since May 2008 we both looking for house to stay with ( when get married, ok?). The problem is now, the budget is not that much. That is why. The area also have to take care where i worked in PJ while my future hubby working in 2 area; Cheras is his office, Mont Kiara is his construction site. Do you think its really tough looking a small house for 2 of us around this area? It was difficult u noe? Just because of money :(

How you guys manage your money, i mean for both when you get married. I really wanted to know how, please. Duit oh duit...

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