June 6, 2008

againts compliance?

i've borrowed my co.'s camera due to i lost my camera charger, i mean my own.
then i asked my colleague whether i can borrow the camera or not, then she said ok, why not..
then yesterday i bring back all the tools together. ye lah, to snap pic, later battery kong ke ape, senang.
then last nite, happened that i took some pictures of kain whereby i would sell through my online-store. During my snapping session, battery low, so i stopped to charge the battery.
i tertido pulak selepas tu then led me forgot to delete all those pics this morning. :( goodness me.

suddenly in the morning i heard my bos screamed. "id, can i borrow the camera?"
shocked me! because the camera is with me. then i quickly grabbed and wanted to delete all those picture. tak sempat, sayang sekali :(.
she went to see id ( in the meeting room ) and came to me asked for camera. gosh!
i gelabah, and give everything ( where take out from my bag , nmpk sgt bawak balik kan? ), i said pls ignore all the kains inside and then keep saying..sorry!

she also keep saying..it's ok..it's ok. even it sounds ok for u, but not for me! arghh forgive me ;(

so from now on, i will not to borrow it again. BIG no!

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