June 28, 2008

today's story

Friday, 27th June 2008..6.30pm - 11.20pmWe had our dinner with the whole team at Paddington house of Pancake in One Utama today at 6.30pm. This once-in-3-months activity was arranged by our team assistant as a our department treat on celebrating birthday of one or more members within 3 months. So as for today, we were celebrating of our big boss's birthday together with farewell party for one of my colleague. So kalau tgk pada masa yang di janji kan, mcm terkejar2 rasenye nak ke sana. tapi kalau tak pergi, nnt big boss marah pulak.huhu.. nak taknak, kene la pegi. the reason why i was feeling not really intended to go, it just because of a lot work not finish yet and i will not in the office on next coming monday. see, betapa hardworking nye saya *wink*. So my planned was not going but yes, finally i joined, but then have to come back to the office to complete some urgent works. aisey.

But talking about this 'house of pancake', there's a must to promote the place, right? hmm..for me, the place is quite nice in term of food especially for medium cook of beef..err tersangat lah lembut ( ini saya curi dari beef kawan2 sementara tunggu my course is ready ). akibat mencuri makan disekeliling saya, maka perut pn separa kenyang. Jadi when my food is ready, the feeling of hungry macam tibe2 hilang eventhough at first i was like sooo wanting for my food earlier. tp bile mkn, sekerat jalan je dah berenti. i've chose this course for my own :

This is gourmet cheese sausage, beef and pancakes! The taste was yummilicious!

I've ordered ice mocha with whipped cream, but actually i should go and order for the banana+strawberry+yogurt drink. I was ordering it in the first place, but after thinking so hard and so long, i've changed my mind to that look-so-good-in-catalog mocha. anyway, that mocha not so bad tho, although i should suggest anyone to take the banana+strawberry+yogurt drink when you having there. hihi..
Nevertheless, i still managed to come back to the office after we *finished everything at 9.30pm. We continued our work until 11pm and reached home around 11.20pm. I'm so tired babe.

11.25pm- 12pm
When i just reached home ( belum pn close door and put all things ), my housemate was telling me that one of my housemate has leaving our house without any early notice. hell yah! she was actually having some problem with us recently that made her left this house for temporary ( as what she told me lah) to going back to her parents' house. What made her left this house, it could be cause of this one thing happened in our house which related to us. Something that was really serious and i should tell people here about her name and details, so that people out there ( who has accidently know her ) will know her better - who is she actually. but current i'm doing some researching on her background first before i make any exposure. :) talking about her, the right people who should explain/talk in professionally/proper way was not here. I mean today. I'm also shocked to know that her was in Sabah now by having a kenduri tahlil for her mom. Yah, her mom was suddenly dead. I wonder why, because i just always heard her mother's story. Ape yang aku t au, mak dia mmg sakit because of perbuatan org. Ada jugak manusia busuk hati mcmni. I just managed to sms-es her when i got this message from my frens. Pity her because she was planning to tie the knot with her boyfriend this coming August. Her mom was really excited and really want to see her married before she left. Anyhow, this is Gods' will, we never know when He wants to take all his. We pray our best for the best. Al-fatihah..:(

*we sang a birthday song for our boss by having a supportive colleague who really made everyone shocked, especially 'dia'..
~ picture credit to http://lingzie.com/paddington-house-of-pancakes-queensbay-mall/

June 26, 2008


hari ni di kira awal aku kuar dari opis. dalam agak2 pukul 6pm camtuh. awal ke tuh? hehehe. kire awal la tu, kan? huhuhu. tapi sampai umah tak seawal yang diharapkan. ade ke sampai dlm kul 730pm :(. mane tak nye, pergi isi minyak yang dh blink2 setengah jalan. masa jalan tu tak lg, baru tggl 2 bar yg aku jangka akan jd 1 bar. tup2 tgh jalan dh jd 1 bar. ni takleh jd, takot esok x lepas gi keje je, pikirku..

tambah plak balik td timing pn tak cun, time tu la jem. dalam pd jem tu, ujan pn mula turun. Sah2 la btmbah teruk suasana tu.hmm..sibaik aku membuat keputusan bijak utk menuang minyak dulu sblm balik ke rumah. jd aku membelokkn kereta pergi ke arah taman jaya.

ms dh pk2 nk gi isi myk tu, myk pn dh start blinking2.hmm..doa ku tak putus ler jgn kasik aku sangkut tgh jln.hihihi..alhamdulillah, sampai gak ke petrol pump petronas yang bg aku adalah dekat je depan opis aku tu. tp nk ke sinun, mak aii stuck jammed teruk.

so proses aku kuar opis sampai aku isi minyak tu, jem x sudah2 sana sini. tp sibaik la minyak tu dh full time balik tu. kalau x, mmg sangkut aku kt tepi2 jalan. maun nye kes aku masuk dlm trafik di radio - menyebab kesesakan jalanraya petang khamis..ahaks!

hmm..sampai2 umah online lak dulu, nampak anak buah aku duk online. kacau dia jap td. ni dia dh senyap dh pesal tah. tgh tgk tv kot. akak aku pn menyibuk online sama gak. pdhl mcm la x jmpa mggu lepas..hihihi..biase la, chatting ni feel dia lain skit kan? ok lah, badan rase letih lak. kt opis td 2 org MC, dh la aku smpi awal x kn la nk balik lewat kn. tp ni tlajak kul 6 gak. tension betol, slalu plan tu lari.huh!

ok la, arini plan nk tido awal lak spy esok aku leh mulakn hari dgn awal jugak. ;) gnite semua..

early morning

i came to the office early in the morning. the reason why i want to be the 1st person sitting in the office because, i was hardly get to park my car near to entrance of covered parking lot. and why it's not easy to get nearer-to-entrance parking here? - because too many people working here made a reserved parking for most of parking lot in basement 1 :(

So, this is what made i decided to come to the office early in the morning just to fight the empty parking that only left there.hmm..there's also why i didn't make a reservation for mine..hahhaha..banyak pulak reason kan. yep! something happened for reason, kan? so the last reason why i didn't apply for reserved parking, just because the rate became high recently.

dulu, i do have a reserved parking. tp itu dulu, kisah dolu2. lepas the management bagi notice saying that rate will be increased, terus i cancel!ye lah, claim for parking subsidy only for 180 ( maximum per month ), but actually full reimbursement which is total max is RM2160 per year. tp ni reserved parking increased to be Rm231 per month. perghhh ..gile maut. means kalau ambik yang reserved, the rest we need to add in sendiri lah gamak nye. :(

Anyway, today i came early and managed to get 1 non-reserved parking dekat dgn entrance. eh lupe, kenape aku nak park sgt dkt ngn entrance ni? haha. sebab senang, senang kalau aku balik lewat, kereta tak jauh ke dlm basement nun. tak lah takot. ok tamat. keje shuhh!

June 24, 2008

late posted

Hi all,

I'm not sure if my decision gonna be late or there's still have chances for me to change my mind.
hmm..actually not really, not to change my decision at all. I just wanna know further whether i have made a correct decision..err i mean buying this house.

Yeah, i'm happy that i could buy this house as what i've told you in my previous entry. Yes i do. I really love the location, where it was located in between of exit of main highway. Ok ke?? ye lah, some of you might have different perspection. Who knows?

Instead of location, there's something made me fallen love with this condo. The decoration of the pool, where there's floating gym on the pool. Are they look kewl, aren't they? Some more my unit is facing a pool that i think it must be a good reason to have this such moment in your own house ;)

hmm..i'm puzzling now. tak tau kenape. could be there's such rumours or dengar cakap org je. nothing much pun, just some rumours said that the location looks congested but in the same time it's quite pricey! and the sample unit really shows that the masterbedrooms are generally smaller, so don’t expect to fit a king size bed plus have lots of moving space. hmmm lagi..
so, is there anyone would like to share their points? ( blurrr..) oh terlupa, my unit is 3+1 unit in level 10. hmm3x! and i bought at rm250k+ ..

June 20, 2008

banyak story

i have a lot of stories to share with. dunno which want should i tell first :D. funny one or happy one? hihihi..

let's start with happy story lah. the story started with unplanned mission. yah, we do planned to buy a house for us which is shared to be invested in KL/S'ngor - town lah, where we both working now. tapi, kami belum kawin, so how to share, isn't it? the planning goes as dreaming, mungkin lepas kami kawin lah kot. so that is what we were thinked of for a 'while'. tapi tah ape rezki tah aritu, last 2 weeks kot. lupe dah. we went to pasar pagi in Shah Alam. This is common activity that we used to do every weekend, part of lah. So as usual, lepas tu mesti pergi Giant pulak, nak cari food stock for him. Masa di Giant ni lah kami tsangkut di satu booth ni ( walhal, we always stopped there before hahahah!). Tapi kali ni, stop punya stop, cerita punya cerita. Tgk dia punya house plan, future potential, mcm tersyok pulak. Before tersyiok, I did informed the sales person that we are not married yet. Oh, he said - never mind, we can hold the process first. You both just proceed book the unit and then when you got married, we will process your loan. Ahh?? really? ( shocked!). Oh lupe, our choice location is, Subang Andaman.

Then, after hard decision. Kejap nak 4 room, kejap nk 3+1 room, kejap nk face pool, kejap face green. finally, we made a decision to choose the opposite pool unit which has 3+1 room. ok la kan? Our plan is to stay/rent out/sell this house as looking at the potential investment. Memang la some people would say, jgn beli condo, rugi. but we also tak suke stay this type of house for a long period. Ye lah, that's why we bought first in town and plan to end up somewhere in our hometown later which we would buy any other land house. Kita merancang aje, Allah yang Maha Esa tentukan segalanya. Ok back to the story. Eh, booking je dulu, belum confirm lg dapatkan? Booking fees around RM500. Okeh, itu cerita last 2 weeks. Masa tu kira fikir - eh, ada ke org booked, then hold loan process, macam pelik je.hihihi

A few days later, the sales person - named Keong- called me. Dia cakap - eh kak, saya dah tanya kawan saya, boleh if belum kawin nak apply loan since you pun akan kawin soonest maa..hihihi. uh uh uh, ye ke??? ah syok lah mcm ni. then he told me that he will let his fren know and asking them to call me later to follow up. Then the process goes as usual, bank-bank sekalian called nak jumpa la, itu la, ini la. We do have few banks yang nak jumpa and get the documents - HSBC, CIMB, Maybank, Public Bank. All of them was telling me, doesn't matter you married or not, as long as we gonna married soon, shouldn't be a problem ;) tgk tuh, ok je. so what r you waiting for, go and try it now! :D

Finally, after a hard trying, below are the conclusion :-

Maybank - i didn't tried at all
HSBC - had declined my application ( as expected )
CIMB - called today saying that, my loan APPROVED guys~ yipee!!~
Public Bank - haven't informed us anything ( doesn't matter lah ).

SO from now on, i'm start of dreaming on what i'm gonna do on decoration of my house..hahahah.
Padahal this is new development house and the expected completion is on August 2010! Hehehe..
the best part is, if we booked now ( which is still consider lower price ). When it completed in next 2010, price might be high increased to be selling of. and also, 2010 baru start bayar installement, skang interest je.
The package also good, we can escape from 10% downpayment, 7% discount for bumi, free legal fees between developer+buyer, free legal fees between bank+borrower which is not included in the loan ( 1 of packages of CIMB ), Rm500 booking fees only..hehehe..go and get yours one too ;)

Ok guys, the funny story will continue on the next entry. C ya!

June 19, 2008

Head ache

Today i was in the office a bit late ( afternoon) due to i have to apply my new passport - i will be away in next month for a week.

It's quite late to process all actually, that is why i took half emergency leave today - supposely i planned to only delayed working time, but then ;( i received sms like saying that you MUST DO YOUR WORK, MINAH (bukan nama sebenar)! - too late


well, i came to the office at 12.40pm - not too late, so its considered a.m half day ;)
the passport will ready after 2 hours, should i wait for it? no, looks like someone calling me in the office. so i decided to go to the office just to continue work. nice me.

my job is ready for me, from email to docs. most of people looking for me. wah, glamornye :-{ i've tried to reply all, but always missed out. dunno how to manage to entertain all, like BIG boss ah? No, don't salah faham, i'm only pencacai :P

Pencacai - always have to work yang macam kuli, who always get instruction, not who give instruction. So itu saya =)

So hari ini, saya akan staying back late in the office - tidak seperti semalam, se semalam, se se semalam..i went home early. ok nak keje - it's 6.51pm in the office. buhbye!

* oh lupe, dh save baru ingat. so conclusion, hari ini saya dpt spt tajuk saya - end-

June 17, 2008


not really, tapi iye. tak lah, tapi memang. tak tipu


June 16, 2008

monday blues..

monday ini isnin..isnin ini monday. monday adalah hari blues!
hari utk bermalas-malasan selepas 2 hari berehat-rehatan.
mari kita sama2 bekerja sambil berblogging, ops!

duduk didepan tanpa ada org memerhati - sorg belum dtg ( jam tunjuk 10.23 a.m), sorg lg meeting audit 2 hours. both my important person a.k.a boss/senior :)

tp PO aku melambak2 nk kene buat, VM pn sama, mane leh berblog lama2 pun.
saje nk tarik spirit bekerja, jd kene la tulis lepas segala kemalasan. ada ke? rase mcm baru je sampai, tp dh nk tghari, cpt tol.bagus.

today my tag left in my car, pelupe betol. dh jalan sekerat jln, baru ingat, malas nk patah balik.
lantak lah, naik atas call my colleague asked her to open door for me. nice me.

smlm msk nasi grg for bekal En. fiance hari ni ( ni je most feveret lunch dia ). tp aku goreng ikan buat sambal gak ( utk aku, bosan lah ns grg je / ayam je ). so aku mkn sikit mlm td and sambung pg td sambil2 ratah ns grg tu sikit. gemok la aku :(

ingatkan td nk naik tangga je dtg opis ( Level 14 tuh ). tp lupe :D ke malas :D tah ape2 tah..

ok la, nk sambung buat keje, rase cm dh rajin balik dh ni :D

June 14, 2008


Life must be sacrifices, sometimes. we have no choice if there's little option in front of u. as long as we can survive further. i feel that i did something good for him, =). we do combined together what we have just because we need to get something proper for us. pray hard.

Nothing impossible if you thing it can helps you in future. Just let it be, i'm here dear!

June 13, 2008

all about money

hmm, money! some said, money is not everything. but some said, everything now need money. Don't you agreed, do u? Nowadays, all relates to money. Even go to ladies also need money., isn't it? Petrol issues have not stop yet, rumous spreaded also saying that there will be petrol increasing next few months. Is it true?

Us, also having a problem with financial. Since May 2008 we both looking for house to stay with ( when get married, ok?). The problem is now, the budget is not that much. That is why. The area also have to take care where i worked in PJ while my future hubby working in 2 area; Cheras is his office, Mont Kiara is his construction site. Do you think its really tough looking a small house for 2 of us around this area? It was difficult u noe? Just because of money :(

How you guys manage your money, i mean for both when you get married. I really wanted to know how, please. Duit oh duit...

June 6, 2008

no topic

today i have 2 things to share with.

1st is about today things.
actually i'm doing car tender for internal staff.
after everything has been done, for sure the winner will asking for his car.
yeah, he has the right.
what happened when he wanted to bring it to home?
no access card and ticket that car had is only when the car bring in the secure parking which on last march? can you calculate for me? it was 300+ if he have to pay it.haiz, pity him.
i have to thing something to solve it.

2ndly is about my appointment with bank today.
i'm still in the office to prepare all those document, tetapi, system pulak buat hal.aisey!

till then..

againts compliance?

i've borrowed my co.'s camera due to i lost my camera charger, i mean my own.
then i asked my colleague whether i can borrow the camera or not, then she said ok, why not..
then yesterday i bring back all the tools together. ye lah, to snap pic, later battery kong ke ape, senang.
then last nite, happened that i took some pictures of kain whereby i would sell through my online-store. During my snapping session, battery low, so i stopped to charge the battery.
i tertido pulak selepas tu then led me forgot to delete all those pics this morning. :( goodness me.

suddenly in the morning i heard my bos screamed. "id, can i borrow the camera?"
shocked me! because the camera is with me. then i quickly grabbed and wanted to delete all those picture. tak sempat, sayang sekali :(.
she went to see id ( in the meeting room ) and came to me asked for camera. gosh!
i gelabah, and give everything ( where take out from my bag , nmpk sgt bawak balik kan? ), i said pls ignore all the kains inside and then keep saying..sorry!

she also keep saying..it's ok..it's ok. even it sounds ok for u, but not for me! arghh forgive me ;(

so from now on, i will not to borrow it again. BIG no!

June 5, 2008

Did you see anything?

hey! of course la, my new look..ahaks!
I did browsed it since last night and finally fallen love with this skin, cute isn't it? bluekk..

In a month, i will travelling to somewhere...somewhere far from my place.
I'm soo excited because i can travels without using my money :P
But in other hand, i've so many things to complete before i fly :(
- passport , ya know what, i can claim from company!
- Amex card - useful for travelling and claim it when comeback to Malaysia ;)
- requisition here, requisition there :(

Never mind, i will do my best as long as i can jalan-jalan..hahahha

June 4, 2008

Standing here..

I'm still in the office, waiting everythings cleared here..
It's raining out there..but i think i should give drink to my babe..tonite petrol will effectively increased..my God :(


when both got their own car, macamni pulak jadi :(
when both shared car, there's difficulties happened here, there..:(
aisey...no car also problem, own a car pun problem...


I just reached home at 8.30 pm??!!! gilessss.....its traffic jammed anywhere, just because they wanted to fuel their tank..i'm also trapped!
letih la, balik awal, sampai plak lambat..almost 1 hour to reach home, how can..
I tried to call my colleague to fill a gap before i sampai rumah, tak lah bosan.
Then i just got to know that 1 of our colleague has just been resigned, tender!!! got it?? damn it!
Its gonna be a problem for us...pity us..now only left few of us ( b, i, e, j, ir ..)
Pelik, everyone gives the same reason to tender, hiks!

S, i wanted to tender too if only i got a better job..hiks! pray hard!

June 2, 2008

Time flies..

It almost 3 months plus i will going to live with somebody strange for forever (pray hard)..
Nothing much that i have prepared for it, nothing..
Only few things that i can list down were;
- barang hantaran for both except watch for men je belum
- booked for andaman, yes sudah!
- booked for tray for hantaran, yep ;)
- booked for make up, wohoo..!

enuf said..


there's update from mom, saying that the renovation has been started, wohoo!! - applause pls -
its gonna be double horaay!