March 21, 2008

jogging..a good start...

Today is public holiday in be exact, it's for remembering our Prophet Mohammad.
so i've planned with frens to do something useful today..haha
what useful things come first in your mind? ah not fair, you're getting a point from the headline..!!
so you are there..yah, we must started it today, and it's done!

our target place was Taman Jaya..and you know how to go there, right? sure you know..
a place near to lrt station, easy to get there, it's a place for everyone actually..for PUBLIC!
so every morning - i think during pub hols / weekend je - people will started doing this healthy-life-style here..haha , but we just started it TODAY..but, don't look down to us!
our aimed is to get slimmest!! haha..that's our MAIN target!
so that, at the end of the day, i can proudly wear xxxxs-shirt infront of HIM without getting bad feedback..yah!! will do..let's see the result..but please, don't ask me the output by nextweek, haha!

ouh ok, actually, it's I & fren who really wanted to reduce our weights, whereby we were really get a damn-shit response from our guys..yah really!
so starting by today onwards, we will going to make this activity as our must-do-activities in a week..hehehe, hopefully it works!
i'm also planning for register ourselves to gym, caiyok2!

after we did few exercises to burn our fat, we make another round of jogging around the lake. really, it's really make me thirsty, and i saw a drink at one of the stall captured my attention! haha..
so after we finished talking about life ( completed the activities for today ), we headed home and i feel soo leg cramp!
and you know what, i slept at 10.30 a.m after i reached home ( of course i read newspaper, mag before sleep ), and then only i awaked by phone ringing of my fiance at 5.30 p.m!!! ahh really? am i dreamt??? ouh, i'm over slept now and need to take bath fast before start doing my assignment..oh oh oh...

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